Podcast – Soundings 13: Holy Trinity – the Lion, the Animator and the Troubadour

In this second episode of our new Soundings Holy Trinity series, Dylan and Lisa are joined by former Ireland and Lions rugby hall-of-famer Willie Duggan, Oscar nominated Cartoon Saloon co-founder Tomm Moore, traditional music pioneer Andy Irvine and two-time winner of the Choice Music Prize Richie Egan aka JAPE.

Recorded live in the Long Gallery of Kilkenny Castle during Kilkenny Tradfest, we hear about the unique timbre of the cistern in O’Donoghue’s pub, what part of his anatomy Andy Irvine was willing to give up to skip a maths test, the more practical considerations of being an Oscar nominee, when not to take Morgan Freeman’s advice and why it’s a bad idea to hold a cigarette for Willie Duggan before an international rugby game.

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Podcast – Soundings 12: Holy Trinity – A drag queen, a current affairs broadcaster and a Catholic priest

In this very first episode of our brand new ‘Soundings Holy Trinity’ strand, hosts Dylan Haskins and Lisa Hannigan are joined by the holy trinity of Panti Bliss, Áine Lawlor & Fr. Peter McVerry with music from Paul Noonan (Bell X1). Recorded live at the historic City Assembly House in Dublin, we hear about a larcenous dog, how to survive a political interview grilling and what happens when Madonna turns up at an Irish funeral.

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Soundings: Holy Trinity—At the Long Gallery, Kilkenny Castle, Ireland

We’re bringing Soundings: Holy Trinity to the awesome Long Gallery of Kilkenny Castle next month for another afternoon of story and song, this time as part of Kilkenny Tradfest. Our Holy Trinity of guests includes a former Lions & Ireland international rugby player, an Oscar & Academy Award nominated animator, an icon of traditional music and a two-time winner of the Choice Music Prize.

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